Google Glass Already Sold Online in China

Google’s Google Glass already has some early adopters in China despite its search engines popularity or lack there of. Aside from Tuesday’s one-day sale of the product to the general public, Google has only sold the headsets by invitation. However, that hasn’t stopped China’s doughty online merchants from getting a handle on the product. Consumers [...]

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Messaging App Line Unveils ‘Sticons’

The fast-growing messaging app dominating the Japanese and a few other Asian markets is known for its popular cartoon images and virtual stickers sent through messages. Thanks to Line over 400 million users worldwide are afforded the opportunity to send a new form of graphics that are both stickers and emoticons, or what the company [...]

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New ‘Heartbleed’ Bug Poses Major Threat to Data

The finding of the so-called “Heartbleed” vulnerability that left major websites open to hackers has businesses left questioning the software they’re using. Researchers with Google and the small security firm Codenomicon prompted the U.S. government’s Department of Homeland Security to advise businesses to check their servers to ensure their version of the software known as [...]

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One Hour Translation Twitter Handles Translate Miley Cyrus’ and Justin Timberlake’s Tweets into Spanish and French

One Hour Translation, the world’s fastest human translation agency, has created new Twitter handles that will translate all of Miley Cyrus’ tweets into Spanish (@OHT_MileySP) and all of Justin Timberlake’s tweets into French (@OHT_JustinFR). The new handles will help the American icons reach even larger audiences around the world. Given their global superstar status not all fans of Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake speak [...]

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